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December 4, 2011 at the Irvington Town Hall Theatre:
Pete Fornatale presents
“Simon & Garfunkel: How Terribly Strange to Be 70”

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Simon & Garfunkel: How Terribly Strange to Be 70

One of the aspects of progressive rock radio was the close relationship air personalities had with many performers. While this also took place with the early AM radio jocks such as Alan Freed and Murray the K, in later years, AM DJs were either not encouraged to spend time with performers, due to payola fears or as they aged, they were no longer interested.

Pete Fornatale has established multi-decade relationships with many performers. On December 4th, he once again presented his multimedia presentation about Simon & Garfunkel in conjunction with a promotion for his “Bookends” book. But this night, something very special and different happened. After his presentation and a short intermission, the audience was astonished to see a very familar face take the stage: Art Garfunkel, who sang four classic songs.

Pete Fornatale

The Presentation: Simon & Garfunkel “How Terribly Strange to Be 70”

The Surprise Concert with Art Garfunkel

The Q&A

And goodnight...

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