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So we've also decided to part with some books, magazines and journals, many relating to music, radio or other media.

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Magazines and Jornals

Marquee (Journal of the Theatre Historical Society)


Like new

$10 each. Take all 30 issues for $249 (+ shipping)

Details below.

Marquee Volume 11, Issue 3 (1979)

Metropolitan Opera House, PA
Loew's State Theatre, Boston

Marquee Volume 13, Issue 3 (1981)

Niblo's Garden
A Stroll Through Harlem
American Picture Palaces Reviewed
Princess Theatre, Joliet, ILL

Marquee Volume 15, Issue 3 (1983)

Australian Theatre Historical Society
MOUNT VERNON (Washington DC)

Marquee Volume 33, Issue 2 (2001)

Another Opening, Another Show
B. Macrus Priteca
The Seattle Theatre
Theatres of Seattle
Theatre Circuits
Drive-In Theatres
Theatres of Tacoma
Theatres of Everett

Marquee Volume 35, Issue 3 (2003)

My Philadelphia Theatre Days<
the Two Grande Dames of New Orleans: Loew's State and Saenger

Marquee Volume 35, Issue 4 (2003)

Brother Andrew: 1916-2003
Tropical Dreams: The Waikiki Theatre, Honolulu
Cine Tropical: Acapulco<
Rialto Square theatre: Joliet, Illinois

Marquee Volume 36, Issue 1 (2004)

The Magical Montgomery: New Hope for Spartanburg's Finest Showplace
Book Review: Now We're Talking: Theodore W. Case, Antonia Colella & Luke Colella
>My Wildwood theatre Days: Rembering Hunt's Casino Theatres
William C. Hunt
The Memory Palaces of North Dakota

Marquee Volume 36, Issue 2 (2004)

Julie Theatre: A Rags to Riches Story
Paramount Memories (Redux)
Ornamentation Old & New: Grillework in Theatres
Wildwood Theatres: After Hunt's (1986-2004)
Four Alcazar Theatres of San Francisco
SUPPLEMENT: 2004 Conclave: The Heartland of America: Kansas - Missouri - Oklahoma

Marquee Volume 38, Issue 3 (2006)

2007 Conclave: Milwaukee to Minneapolis

Marquee Volume 41, Issue 1 (2009)

Stage Lighting Control Before Computers
Earlville Opera House: Still Starring After All These Years (NY)

Marquee Volume 41, Issue 2 (2009)

Earlville Opera House: Still Starring After All These Years (NY)
Vitrolite Brings Back the Magic
From the Archives: "In-House" Advertising

Marquee Volume 41, Issue 3 (2009)

ISSUE: Allen Theatres: North America's First National Cinema Chain

Marquee Volume 42, Issue 1 (2010)

ISSUE: 2010 Indiana Hoosier Heartland Conclave

Marquee Volume 42, Issue 4 (2010)

Ben Hall Tribute<
Paradise Enow: A Memoir of the Movie Palace
Memories of a Chicago Theatre Usher
Review: The Brooklyn Theatre Index
Review: Riverside's Fox theatre: An Intimate Portrait
Review: Left In the Dark : Portraits of San Francisco Movie Theatres
Review: Now Playing -Early Moviegoing and the Regulation of Fun
Roxy Program insert

Marquee Volume 43, Issue 1 (2011)

ISSUE: Michigan Conclave

Marquee Volume 43, Issue 3 (2011)

Fade to Blue<
Back Stage at the Follies
There's No 'X' in Oklahoma

Marquee Volume 44, Issue 1 (2012)

ISSUE: 2012 Conclave Issue (Sacramento)

Marquee Volume 46, Issue 1 (2014)

ISSUE: 4th Street Theatre: Moverly, Missouri

Marquee Volume 46, Issue 2 (2014)

ISSUE: Steel City: Pittsburgh, PA

Marquee Volume 46, Issue 3 (2014)

ISSUE: Louis F. Grell - American Theatre Muralist

Marquee Volume 47 Issue 1 (2015)

ISSUE: New Technology in Historic Theatres

Virtual Tours Contribute to Actual Restoration
Discovering the Details: High-Resolution Scanning as Research Tool
Bringing the Wysor Grand Opera House Into the 21st Century
Reprinting the Past: Reviving Yesterday's Theatre Elements with Today's Technology
From the Archives: The Scrapbooks of Terry Helgesen

Marquee Volume 47 Issue 2 (2015)

ISSUE: Old Dominion: Virginia's Theatres, Chains and Architects

A Guide to the Theatres of Richmond
Up From the Ashes: The Richard Theatre Fire
C.K. Howell: Richmond's Theatre Architect
Black Broadway and Beyond: The Lictman Theatre Circuit 1828-1946
SevenVenues: Norfolk's Cultural Crossroads
From the Archives: The THS Postcard Collection

Marquee Volume 48 Issue 3 (2016)

ISSUE: The Theatres of Greenfield, MA
Q&A with Jonathan Boschen
Greenfield's Film Venues During the Twentieth Century

Marquee Volume 48 Issue 4 (2016)

ISSUE: The Role of Women in Theatres

Marquee Volume 49 Issue ? (2017)

Stanley Warner Theaters
Theaters of Los Angeles

Marquee Volume 49 Issue 4 (2017)

ISSUE: Restoring Movie Palace Textiles

Marquee Volume 50 Issue 2 (2018)

ISSUE: Detroit

Marquee Volume 50 Issue 3 (2018)

ISSUE: The Importance of the Spectacle
From the Archives: A Show for the Show"
More on Michigan: Butterfield Theatres
The Rigaumont Influence
Dormont's Historic Hollywood Theatre
The Hollywood: Pitt'sburgh's Home of Rocky Horror

Marquee Annual #28 (2001)

Schoenstadt's Piccadilly Theatre, Chicago, IL (C.W. & George L. Rapp)

Marquee Annual #33 (2006)

Ambassador Theatre, St. Louis, MO (C.W. & George L. Rapp)


Steve Lambert & Suzanne Ropiequet (Editors)

CD-ROM: A New Papyrus (1986)

CD-ROM: Optical Publishing (1987)

CD-ROM: a new papyrus

Microsoft Press

ISBN 0-914845-74-8 (volume 1)

ISBN 1-55615-000-8 (volume 2)

Trade Paperbacks. Very good. Originally $22 (volume 1) and $23 (volume 2)

$14.99 for both SOLD

The original bibles of CD-ROM development. Both volumes included.

Aaron Hillegass

Cocoa Programming For Mac OS (3rd edition) (2008)

Cocoa Programming For Mac OSt


ISBN 978-0-321-50361-9

Paperback. Like new. Originally $49.99

$8.99 SOLD

Introduces the three most commonly used Mac developer tools: Xcode, Interface Builder and Instuments. Also covers Objective-C and the major design patterns of Cocoa.

Mark Dalrymple, Scott Knaster

Learn Objective-C on the Mac (2009)

Learn Objective-C on the Mac


ISBN 978-1-4302-1815-9

Paperback. Like new. Originally $39.99.

$12.99 SOLD

Full exporation of the Objective-C programming language.

Simon St.Laurent

XML: A Primer (2nd edition) (1999)

XML: A Primer

M&T Books

ISBN 978-0-7465-3310-X

Paperback. Like new. Originally $19.99.

$6.99 SOLD

Will get you quickly up to speed oon this next-generation authoriing tool.


Rick Smolan, Jennifer Erwitt, Thomas K. Walker

Passage to Vietnam: Through the Eyes of Seventy Photographers (1994)

Passage to Vietnam

Melcher Media

ISBN 978-1-885559-00-5

Hardcover large format. Almost like new. Originally $50


Beautiful coffee-table book. 224 pages.

David Douglas Duncan

My 20th Century (2014)

My 20th Century


ISBN 978-1-62872-561-2

Hardcover. Like new. Originally $24.99


Duncan is the guy who brought Nikon lenses to the attention of America. He's known for his combat photography and portraits of Pablo Picasso and others. 140pp, Black & White and Color.

Peter Braczko

The Complete Nikon System: An Illutrated Equipment Guide (2000)

The Complete Nikon System: An Illutrated Equipment Guide

Silver Pixel Press

ISBN 978-1-883403-85-5

Paperback. Very good. Originally $39.95


All Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses ever produced are listed and described, including variant models, and are conveniently organized according to a special numbering system developed by the author, a professional photographer and noted authority on Nikon. A short overview of the company offers historical perspective. It truly is the essential reference for anyone interested in the Nikon system. 460pp


Christopher Kennedy, Forward by Terry Stewart

1950s Radio in Color: The Lost Photographs of Deejay Tommy Edwards (2011)

1950s radio in color

Kent State University Press

ISBN 978-1-60635-072-0

Hardcover 11.3 x 8.9. Like new. Originally $49


Beautiful never before seen color photos of 1950s acts, includinig Elvis, Chuck Berry, Pat Boone, Bill Haley, Eddy Arnold, Billy Eckstine, Andy Williams, the Diamonds, Johnny Mathis, Doris Day, Billy Williams, Roy Orbison, Gene Vincent, Wanda Jackson, Dale Hawkins and many others. 254 pages.

Mike Tauber. Forward by Ron Simon

Retro Radio: Six Decades of Design 1920s-1970s (2014)

Retro Radio

Schiffer Books

ISBN 978-0-7643-4679-8

Hardcover. Very good. Originally $29.99


Beautiful color photos of old radios, one to a page. 176 pages.


Bob Dylan

Drawn Blank (1994)

Drawn Blank by Bob Dylan

Random House

ISBN 978-0-679-41788-0

Hardcover. Like new. $60.51 on Amazon


Dylan's sketches.

Clive Davis with James Willwerth

Clive: Inside the Record Business (1976)

Clive: Inside the Record Business



Mass market paper. Fair. $16 on Amazon


"An acid-etched portrait of the inner woorld of rock by the man who turned America on to a multi-billion dollar record habit." 16 pages of photos.

Cinema Production & Technology

Harper Cossar

Letterboxed: The Evolution of Widscreen Cinema (2011)


The University Press of Kentucky

ISBN 978-0-8131-2651-7

Hardcover. Very good. Amazon new $28.85


When widescreen technology was introduced to filmmaking in 1953, it changed the visual framework and aesthetic qualities of cinema forever. Before widescreen, a director's vision for capturing beautiful landscapes or city skylines was limited by what could be included in the boxy confines of an Academy Ratio film frame. The introduction and subsequent evolution of widescreen technology has allowed directors to push the boundaries of filmmaking. 293 pages.

Mark Kerins

Beyond Dolby Stereoo: Cinema in the Digital Sound Age (2011)

Beyond Dolby Stereo

Indiana University Press

ISBN 978-0-253-22252-7

Paper. Slight folds in cover. $28 on Amazon


The author uncovers how 5.1 surround has affected ot only sound design, but cinematography and editing as well. 378 pages.


Fantasia of Color In Early Cinema (2015)

Fantasia of Color In Early Cinema Fantasia of Color In Early Cinema

Amsterdam University Press

ISBN 978-90-8964-457-6

Hardcover 12" x 9" Coffee Table book.


Introduction by Martin Scorsese. The authors share color images here of early films with color in a full range of tones and colors. Accompanying essays discuss the history of early film and the technical processes that filmmakers employed to capture these fascinating images. Featuring more than 300 color illustrations. 12" x9". 288 pages. (Note that the edition on Amazon, which is $54, is a smaller format. Another listing has it at $133.)


Kenneth Silverman

Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss (1996)

houdini, the career of erich weiss

Harper Colliins

ISBN 978-0-06-016978-7

Hardcover. Very Good w/ dust jacket. $36.65 to $88.25 on Amazon


The complete biography of magician, aviator, inventor, book collector, fraud-buster and ego-maniac Harry Houdini. Includes 100 photos. 467 pages.

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